We are a group of Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals across the Country who concerned about the biased and excessive

powers given to Homeowners Associations (HOA) by our State Laws and how those laws are used by HOAs to their advantage

and not first and foremost to protect the Rights of Owners to their Homes and to Rights of Peaceful Enjoyment in their Homes.  

We started in North Carolina and have now affiliated with other HOA Owner Advocate Groups in

Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Maryland, Florida, South Carolina

Click on the applicable Laws below to review some NC Laws.  Check with your State for Laws where you live.

Chapter 47F (Planned Community Act) of the NC General Statutes (Governing Law over HOAs)

Chapter 55A (Non Profit Corporations) of the NC General Statues  (Most HOAs are Non-Profit Corporations)

Chapter 47E (Residential Disclosure) of the NC General Statutes (Requiring “Disclosure” by a Seller to a Buyer)

We are equally concerned that (click here >) there is NO Regulation of HOAs in North Carolina and NO effective method for

dispute resolution (outside of non-binding Mediation) and Owner enforcement of HOA Laws and Documents without expensive litigation. 

Don’t bother to click on the link above to file a Complaint ...

because the Justice Dept of NC can’t help a Homeowener with an HOA Complaint !  There is NO Regulation of HOAs in NC !

“It’s time to bring unity to this Country and to end Subdivision Governance 
         by HOAs [under State Laws] that create independent Principalities.”
Click on Link HERE to see full article  

Contact your NC State Legislator at www.ncleg.net (or the Legislator in your State)

and ask them to get involved and help protect our rights, our homes, our lives

and our communities from abuse by unregulated HOA Boards.

                                                          Boards have the power, under current North Carolina Law,

                                                        to create and to enforce “rules”, without State Regulation

                                         or Recourse by Owners other than in the Courts.

                                                        HOAs were meant to protect Communities and Owners ...

                                                                         but they’ve grown in “Governance” powers so that they can and do

                                                      take away the enjoyment of living in our communities ...


...and can even take away our homes for as little as $50 in “late fees”  ! 

Homeowners have no protection in North Carolina - except in the Courts !

Go to this website to get a Directory of HOAs in North Carolina.   We are contacting all of them to join the Coalition