What are the Purposes and Mission of a Homeowner / Condo Owner Association ?

Does Your HOA have a Written Statement of Purpose and Objectives?


Excellent example from:  www.devonshirehoa.com/

Look at your HOA Documents (CCRs and ByLaws) for a Statement of what your HOA is charged with doing in your Community and compare that to what is actually being done by your Board.    

Get involved and be sure the HOA is actually accomplishing what it is legally responsible for in protecting your Property without undo restrictions ... that actually limit your lifestyle and put controls over you and your neighbors to live, work and play together.

“Take Back Your Home from your HOA”   Be sure the HOA is working for you !!   Not the other way around.

Get to know your Board of Directors and ask what you can do to be a contributing part of the Community.      If you see money being spent or “rules” that don’t make sense, ask for a change in your HOA Documents.    Your Board has a “Fiduciary” Responsibility to do what is right and best for the “Common Good” of the Community and to operate the HOA in the best interests of Homeowners.

An HOA is in effect its own “government” and has certain responsibilities.   Be sure you know what they are and that your Board controls its actions to accomplish what they are charged with doing ... for you, the Homeowner and Member of the HOA ... and not simply to “police” your Community and go after what can often be trivial “infractions”, just because they can.

Get Involved and be a Contributing and Active Member of Your HOA !